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Kitchen & Waste Bin Liners

Our in home bin liners cater for small and large bins sometimes known respectively as pedal-bins and swing-bins.  In our high quality Poly-Lina® range we offer both a 50 litre large liner as well as a 20 litre small liner, both in white polyethylene with tie handles.  In our Money Savers™ range we also have both small and large sizes, but in slightly lower gauge (thickness) polyethylene with a simple tie top design.   

Outside Bin Liners

Our general purpose refuse sacks can be used either as a liner for traditional outside bins, or for independent refuse containment.  Like all of our bin-liners and refuse sacks these have leak resistant bases and employ advanced material technology for maximum customer satisfaction.  Our Poly-Lina® refuse sack has 80 litre capacity and features Tie-Handles for easy closure.   The Money-Savers™ refuse sack is produced in slightly lower gauge (thickness) material and features a Tie-Top closure.

Wheelie Bin Liners

To help keep your Wheelie Bin clean and odour free our  wheelie bin liners provide the solution.   After fitting the liner, refuse is placed in the wheelie bin as usual.  When the wheelie bin is collected the liner comes out with the rest of the refuse leaving the inside of your wheel bin clean and ready for the next use.

Dependable Bin liners for every household need