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Food & Freezer Bags

Hygienic food storage whether preparing, cooking or freezing is of course a critically important consumer need.  With ever busier life-styles, products which help save time, create convenience and enable new forms of food storage are in high demand.   In response CeDo have created a portfolio of Poly-Lina® food contact products, incorporating all of the most popular product formats as well new innovations such as Pour-and-Store™.
Multi-Purpose Food Bags

Our range of food bags are multi-purpose, suitable for use in freezers as well as general food use.

Pour & Store Pouches

Pour & Store Pouches are an innovative new solution for food storage. These self-standing pouches are suitable for freezing and then defrosting all types of liquids from home-made soups and stocks to left over meals and sauces. The re-sealable seal is completely airtight and the whole pouch is both freezer and microwave safe.

Ice Cube Bags

Our ice cube bag provides a neat and highly convenient means of producing ice cubes or indeed freezing sauces or stock into reusable cubes.  

Roasting Bags

Also known as oven bags, Roasting bags are suitable for cooking foods in the oven. These innovative products help to seal in the natural juices and moisture of food
whilst also keeping the oven clean.

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