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Hygienic nappy changing the quick and easy way!

Nappy Sacks™ are perfect for disposing of nappies from birth to weaning and beyond. They are large enough to hold every nappy size as well as any wipes used during a change.

By locking in the germs of a wet nappy with their easy-tie handles and giving you a baby-fresh fragrance by neutralising the odours of a dirty change, Nappy Sacks™ are the convenient, hygienic and responsible way to dispose of nappies in the home and when out and about.

Nappy Sacks™ enjoys huge popularity and brand awareness not least with a free pack being given to each new mother as part of the ‘bounty pack’ provided by hospitals and health visitors.   In addition to original Nappy Sacks format, CeDO also supply many of the largest retailers own label nappy sacks products including Tesco, Asda, John Lewis, Waitrose and Mothercare.

Nappy Sacks™ are available in two pack sizes containing either 75 or 150 sacks.  Whilst the sacks are identical and can be used in any way, the smaller pack has been produced in particular for increased convenience when travelling, whilst the larger pack provides greater scale for use at home.

To learn more, have a look at the Nappy Sacks™ web site

Nappy Sacks™