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CeDo is committed to recycling.

We own our own recycling plant at Geleen (Netherlands) which provides material to each of our manufacturing plants around the world.    Our recycled material content is already very high and we are continuing to strive to increase this further.  Importantly this is real post consumer recycling.

Recycling and Post Consumer Recycling – what’s the difference?

The term recycling can be a confusing one:  Recycling can include just waste material from the manufacturing process which is collected, rather than scrapped and then re-used in the production process. Some suppliers use this alone to claim their recycling credentials. However what most consumers mean and understand by recycling is clearly material that has been used by someone, discarded and then recycled.  This is technically referred to as Post Consumer Recycling and is what our recycling plant is dedicated to.   

Of course in addition to Post Consumer Recycling, within our manufacturing plants at Telford (UK), Wroclaw (Poland) and Shanghai (China) we also recycle manufacturing scrap as well to minimise waste even at this stage of the process.

Leading the way in Polyethylene Post Consumer Recycling