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The Poly-Lina® range of food & freezer bags, food wraps, bin liners and refuse sacks provide consumers with unrivalled quality, convenience and product innovation.   This portfolio has been developed based on extensive analysis of consumer demands across Europe to incorporate the most popular product formats coupled with new innovations to provide you with the greatest convenience, reliability and cost effectiveness.  

Poly-Lina® is complemented by Money Savers® our economy range of bin liners, Nappy Sacks™ our fragranced nappy disposal sacks and Pop-ins™ our sanitary disposal sacks.  

Poly-Lina®, Money Savers®, Nappy Sacks™ and Popins™ are produced by CeDo, Europe’s largest manufacturer of polyethylene and aluminium based household disposable products.  

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Innovation Quality & Value in household disposables