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The Poly-Lina® portfolio has been developed to provide maximum consumer appeal whilst simultaneously having equally strong retailer benefits.

Whilst addressing a broad range of product applications each portfolio has been developed to be extremely focused for maximum shelf space utilisation.  By creating high volume products in the most popular format and combining these with new, innovative products we have established a fresh, differentiated portfolio with mass appeal.  

Throughout the range high quality packaging has been designed to reflect the quality of the products.  In all cases this clearly and quickly conveys the product attributes and benefits for eased shopping of the fixture.  To maximise space utilisation all products are supplied in small case counts with most cases being shelf ready.   

But the strength of our branded retail portfolio isn’t the end of the story, rather it’s just the beginning.  CeDo’s fully integrated manufacturing and supply chain network provides unrivalled capability to reliably supply all European retailers within increasingly tight time scales and our Category Management expertise help to ensure you achieve the maximum commercial return.  Click on the links on the left to find out more.

In addition to Poly-Lina®, Nappy Sacks™ and Pop-ins™ each offering high quality products with very competitive pricing, MoneySavers™ our economy range provides a complementary cheapest on display offer.  Money-Savers™ delivers good everyday performance with exceptional cost effectiveness.

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