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Refuse Sacks

Our general purpose refuse sacks can be used either as a liner for traditional outside bins or for independent refuse containment. Like all of our bin-liners and refuse sacks these have leak resistant bases and employ advanced material technology for maximum customer satisfaction.    

Our Poly-Lina® refuse sack has 80 litre capacity and features Tie-Handles for easy closure.   The Money-Savers™ refuse sack is produced in slightly lower gauge (thickness) material and features a Tie-Top closure.

Garden Refuse Sacks

For heavier duty garden use our Poly-Lina® Garden Refuse Sacks provide the ideal solution.  These extra large sacks feature Tie-Handle closures and are produced in thicker gauge material for increased strength and puncture resistance.

Rubble Sacks

For very heavy use our Poly-Lina® Rubble sacks are ideal. Produced in the thickest gauge material they are suitable  even for abrasive builders rubble and other items requiring high strength and puncture resistance.

Dependable Refuse Sacks for everyday, garden & heavy use