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Pour & Store Pouches

Pour & Store Pouches are an innovative new
solution for food storage.   These self-standing
pouches are suitable for freezing and then
defrosting all types of liquids from home-made soups and stocks to left over meals and sauces.  The re-sealable seal is completely airtight and the whole pouch is both freezer and microwave safe.

After standing the bag up by simply flattening the base, liquid (cold or warm) can be poured into the bag before leaving to cool.  Once cool the seal can be locked simply by running one’s fingers along it and then placing in the fridge or freezer to store.   When required the pouch and its frozen contents can be placed directly in to a microwave (with the seal opened slightly) to defrost.  Pour and Store is not suitable for use in a conventional oven or for cooking food in a microwave.